How to Order Custom Processing

1. The first step is to skirt, skirt, skirt your fleece(s). Tossing out matts, vegetation, dung tags, and shorts will save you money on your processing because you are not paying for their weight in your order.

2. Download, print, and fill out the Work Order Form. Label (1, 2, 3, etc.) each batch/fleece and include any special instructions in the "notes" section. You may batch fleeces together or keep them separate, as long as each batch is close to 2 pounds. Don't worry about filling in the "weight" column: I'll do that when your order arrives.

3. Download, print, and fill out enough Bag Tags for each of your batches. Put one tag in each of your bags. It's easiest if you put fleeces you want blended together in the same bag. Make sure that the numbers of the bags correspond to the numbers on the Work Order Form.

4. Contact me to arrange either a drop-off appointment or to let me know that your order will be mailed. I will give you an approximate date for the completion of your order. Once complete, I will contact you to arrange a pick up or to let you know your order is ready to be mailed.

5. Payment is due before the fibre leaves the mill. I accept e-transfer, PayPal, cash (in-person only), and credit or debit card (in-person only).