1. Do you have a minimum/maximum staple length?

Yes: the minimum staple length is 1 inch, the maximum is 10 inches.

2. Do you have a minimum weight per order?

Yes: about 2 pounds, give or take.

3. Do you accept washed fleeces?

Yes, but all fleeces must be washed again at the mill. Not everyone washes fleece with equal thoroughness and lanolin/grime left in the fleece makes a mess of the machines. It takes a lot of down time to clean them out, so to be sure all fleeces are grease/grime-free, they will be washed here, even if pre-washed. Pre-washing will save you some money, however, since the incoming weight will be lower.

4. Can I have my fleeces washed, only?

Yes: if you prefer to do the picking and carding yourself, I would be happy to scour your fleece for you.

5. Can I have my fleeces processed by colour or individually?

Yes: if you want your fleeces batched together by colour, simply indicate this on the Work Order form. The same applies to individual fleeces.

6. Can I have my wool blended with other fibres?

Yes: I have partnered with wholesalers to provide a variety of natural and dyed fibres that customers may have blended with their own wool. This aspect of the business is still getting organized, so if this interests you, please contact me and we can discuss options. Eventually, everything will be viewable on the website, but I'm not there yet.

Please be aware that blending fibres that differ in staple length by more than 2 inches will likely result in noils, making for a tweedy-textured yarn. This is fine, if you want it; not fine, if you don't.

7. Do you do any dyeing?

Unfortunately no. 

8. Can you make yarn?

Not yet: I hope to add the spinning machines to my mill within a year or so, but for now, I can make cloud, batts, and roving.

I can handspin small quantities for customers who want some for themselves or as gifts: from worsted to lace-weight.